As San Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., in line with our vision, mission and values, by adopting the concept of “sustainable environment”, we contribute to the protection of nature and we plan, implement, control and assess our works with the aim of reducing adverse environmental impacts caused by all our production activities.

We continuously improve our waste management system, which will contribute to environmental protection by supporting recycling.

We comply with all legal regulations we are responsible for in the field of environment.

We continue our efforts to ensure efficient use of energy raw materials and natural resources and to ensure that our chemical wastes (waste oil, contaminated solid wastes, contaminated packaging, etc.) are regularly stored and given to licensed companies.

Thanks to the high technology and lean approach we use in the design and production processes of our products, we work without compromise in order to prevent environmental pollution by minimizing potential damage to the environment.

We provide the awareness of the environmental protection of the organizations to which we supply goods and services and guide them.

We are aware that the awareness of the social environment is one of our main responsibilities against nature and the habitat we live in.