San Metal’s Responsible Purchasing Policy has been prepared to ensure that the way of doing business of the suppliers is in compliance with the values of San Metal and the current legal rules, and it is mandatory to be followed by all suppliers. In case of violation of this policy, San Metal has the right to terminate the contract it has made with its suppliers.

Our suppliers are expected to prepare this policy for their suppliers and to establish the principles of implementation. Compliance of our current suppliers with this policy is guaranteed by supplier audits and periodic supplier evaluations.

The details in our Responsible Purchasing Policy are explained below.
Child labor; Children are not employed in any way in violation of the applicable labor legislation in the suppliers. Anyone under the age of 15 who has not completed compulsory education and is under the age of 15 should not be employed, unless local laws specify a higher age limit. Employees under the age of 18 should not be employed in dangerous jobs and night work to meet their training needs.

Forced Labor; Human trafficking, forced and compulsory labor will never be tolerated. No employee should be asked to deposit collateral, give bail or deposit his identity before starting work. Employees must not be forced to work by any threat, force, false allegations or any other form of coercion. This requirement also covers subprime debt, involuntary bond, contract, slave/prisoner, migrant labor or other forms.

Discrimination; Suppliers respect and accept ethnic and cultural differences and take measures to protect and develop them and they are committed to creating working environments where equal opportunities exist for their employees, in mutual trust, without discrimination, and respectful of human rights. Suppliers likewise undertake that they will not tolerate policies regarding gender discrimination in the work environment.

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining; Suppliers respect their employees' right to unionize and their decision to become a union member, their right to organize and collective bargaining in accordance with the law.

Harrassment; Violation of the immunity of supplier employees in any way through physical, sexual, psychological and/or emotional harassment is not tolerated in the workplace or any place where they are present due to work.

Waging; Suppliers must comply with the applicable labor laws of the country in which they do business in the wages, overtime and wage-related benefits paid to their employees.

Working hours; Suppliers must comply with the labor legislation in force in the country in which they are located regarding working hours and right to take leaves. Suppliers must ensure that overtime is voluntary and paid in accordance with local and national laws or regulations. Except for extraordinary business conditions, employees must have at least one day off in every seven-day period.

Implementation Principles
San Metal, suppliers' compliance with the rules in this policy is questioned during the audits made, corrective action is taken for nonconformities and improvement is expected, and the improvements made are checked with follow-up audits.

San Metal may request the removal of any supplier, employee, or terminate the contract with the relevant supplier, who acts in violation of the applicable legal legislation or in contradiction with these rules.

San Metal encourages and expects supplier employees to report non-compliance with this policy.

The following communication channels may be used to report violations of the rules in this policy.

E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +90 262 751 09 69

San Metal undertakes to treat all notifications contrary to this policy confidentially and to protect notification owners.

San Metal will protect the confidentiality of the person who has reported the supplier's suspicious behavior contrary to this policy or a possible violation of business ethics and will not tolerate any retaliation that may be applied against that person.

Suppliers undertake to accept the revised policy in the event that this policy is revised and to comply with the principles set forth herein.