SAN METAL SAN. and TIC. A.S’s perceptive of “Customer Satisfaction”; is to continuously monitor and meet the needs and expectations of our customers, respond to the needs and expectations at one hundred percent, produce appropriate solutions in line with the expectations of our customers, to be a reliable supplier with our principle of solution partnership that emerged as a result of these, and to improve continuously and to increase the value we offer to our customers.

In this sense, in order to maximize “Customer Satisfaction” and maintain its sustainability, we undertake;

  • To adopt a customer-oriented approach while performing all our processes,
  • To know our customers, to analyze their needs and expectations fittingly, to meet these needs and expectations on time, to provide customer satisfaction, and to improve these activities continuously and systematically,
  • To improve our channels that receive feedback from our customers constantly,
  • To evaluate our customers’ feedback fairly, objectively, and with a confidentiality principle and to provide the necessary support for a solution, to make the necessary process changes to prevent similar problems from happening again by finding the root cause when a problem is detected,
  • To complete the works in the fastest and most economical way by observing compliance with the terms of the contract made with our customers without making our customers spend additional time and effort or creating a financial obligation for them while solving the problems experienced by our customers,
  • To offer products in accordance with the standards and legal regulations within the scope of our activities and in line with the ethical rules, our core values, and the conditions we promise to our customers,
  • To provide all necessary resources for the effective performance of customer satisfaction activities.