Our company believes that the correct and efficient production can only be done in a healthy and safe working environment.

Therefore, it is our primary principle that our staff maintains their normal healthy status during the time spent in the workplace.

In order to realize this belief and principle, Occupational Health and Safety Management System has been established in our company in accordance with ntional and international standard.

As an indicator of our studies, we continuously monitor the overall risk parameters and aim to achieve lower values of risk each year than the previous year.

For this purpose, we will focus on the issues where risks are most frequently encountered.

Furthermore, we will tighten our controls against fire and ignition and we shall take all necessary measures to ensure that our staff does not breathe harmful substances.

As management, we undertake that we will continuously improve the system we have generated, decrease the risk levels by reaching the targets, make continuous efforts to prevent illness and injury, and comply with the relevant legislation provisions related to our company.